Hay Day for PC, Hay Day for XP, Vista, Windows 7/8

Hay Day for PC! Enjoy Hay Day for PC now. You are about to read how to Download Hay Day for PC. It is very easy to get Hay Day for PC. By following all steps below to Download Hay Day for PC correctly, you will get the most trending android Download Hay Day for PC.

Hay Day is useful game if you want to get farming experience virtually. It is full with lot of features to convert your hours into seconds. The game’s ease of use and gameplay options makes it more popular around the android players within short period of time. Hay Day comes with nice graphics and easy operating that suits to your android device. You have enjoyed Hay Day on your android phone but now start to enjoy using Hay Day for PC. These all features are available for android devices and now Hay Day for PC is available! Follow steps below on How to Download Hay Day for PC.


“Hay Day is a totally new farming experience with smooth gestural controls lovingly handcrafted for your Android device.” – Hay Day for PC

There are different methods available to Download Hay Day for PC. Here is the easiest and 100% working method to Download Hay Day for PC.

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Hay Day for PC

BlueStacks android emulator is helpful to run Hay Day for PC. Different Android Emulators are available but the most recommended running Hay Day for PC is Bluestacks. Just follow steps below to understand How to Download Hay Day for PC.

BlueStacks method to Download Hay Day for PC

Step 1: BlueStacks Download and Installation:

  • Download BlueStacks app player from here.
  • Install BlueStacks app player on your PC by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Restart your PC.

Step 2: Searching Hay Day game for PC:

  • Open Bluestacks from Desktop or from toolbar shortcut and click on search icon at right side top.
  • Type “Hay Day” search bar and hit enter.
  • Your game with similar games will be listed
  • Click on install for the game that you want to download on PC
  • Then you’ll see list of stores from which you can download selected game for PC

Hay-Day-WindowsStep 3: Downloading Hay Day game for PC:

  • Game download from”1” icon mostly works, click on game icon under “1”.
  • It will start downloading Hay Day for PC

Downloading-Hay-Day-ComputerStep 4: Play Hay Day game for PC in Bluestacks:

  • After finishing downloading go to My apps from BlueStacks dashboard.
  • Click on Hay Day icon of game to play it on PC!
  • Start Playing!

Download-Hay-Day-PCHay Day for PC External Download method

There is also an alternative method available to Download Hay Day for PC. Just follow steps below to understand External Download Method to Download Hay Day for PC.

  1. Download Hay Day app in .apk format. (Download Hay Day.apk from here)
  2. Open Hay Day.apk, It will install in Bluestacks
  3. Go to My Apps in Bluestacks and double click “Hay Day”
  4. You have successfully downloaded Hay Day for PC.

Run Hay Day on PC

Then go to Menu and double click on Hay Day and start using Hay Day on PC.

IntelAppUp method to Download Hay Day for PC

  1. Download IntelAppUp app player from here.
  2. Install IntelAppUp app player on your PC by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Restart your PC.
  4. Open IntelAppUp from Desktop and Signup for free then browse for your favorite app.
  5. Type “Hay Day” in search bar at top right and hit enter and click install after logging in.

Note: If you face any problem using Bluestacks to play android games on PC or windows based computer then you can contact us, we will try to solve your problem within 24 hours.

This is working method to Download Hay Day for PC. You can download any Android App for PC by using similar method. Hope you enjoyed reading Hay Day for PC.

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10 thoughts on “Hay Day for PC, Hay Day for XP, Vista, Windows 7/8

  1. Hi, I’ve installed the blue stacks correctly finally. but the problem is that whenever I try to find “Hay Day” it gives me no result…indeed an empty page !

      1. thanks but the problem is, I cant find my downoaded apk file in bluestacks & even I can't drag & dug it into bluestacks, whatelese I can do?

      2. you know?! in deed whenver I click on the apk file to install with bluestacks installer it says that it failed to install, & I don't know how to fix this


          1. well, I installed the apk file. but the problem is whenever I try to connect "Hay Day" , it's always connecting…& updating…& suddenly my bluestacks stop working!

          2. I have installed every versions of bluestacks till now, all of them would stop working!…& about the game, there are many users have the same problem in diffrenet devices.

            anyway thanks for your help.

  2. Hi! I play hay day with bluestacks and overall is good. But when I get to buy things on another people’s “street selling” most of times there is some kind of error, that distort image and don’t allow me to clearly see what are the items for sell. That’s annoying since I often need to search for some item on the selling journal, and when I open a random farm for that item the screen gets distortioned right in the part where the items’ supposed to show. Thank’s!!

    1. Lucas, you are welcome. The dsitortion problem is due to low capacity smartphone selection at bluestacks setup. Just remove sync of your google account & uninstall bluestacks, then install it again with recent smartphone code added to play most popular games.

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